Great SciFi Writers of The 21st Century

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Lets debate the top SciFi writers of the 21st Century (to-date)!
These writers are duking it out for pole position in our 21st Century SciFi Author debate:
  1. Neal Stephenson
  2. John Scalzi
  3. Ernest Cline
While the order above is debatable, I stand by it, because, well, Neal DID write SNOW CRASH, though it was published in the 20th Century (1992), ~3 years after Tim Berners-Lee came up with the World Wide Web (not to be confused with the Internet…).  That book had so much foresight that even today, Silicon Valley’s venture capitalists tip their hats to him. His 21st century works are also quite formidable.  Cryptonomicon (2002) and Seveneves  (2015) demonstrate an incredible attention to detail harnessed to a powerful wit, some 23 years after his seminal work. These books are tomes, but they are well worth their weight. I think his writing and its premonitory insights land Neal Stephenson the title of Modern Day Asimov .
Next, we have John Scalzi, winner of the Modern Day Heinlein title.  Scalzi’s imagination and humor are, by any standard, Top Shelf.  Scalzi is my GoTo when I have a flight to the West Coast and no work related crap to chew on.  This guy’s career launched right out of the gate with Old Man’s War! While Old Man’s War certainly put him on the map, his Piper reboot,  Fuzzy Nation, is one of his best…  “What goes BOOM Carl?“.  I wanted to rename our dog Carl after reading Fuzzy Nation!  Redshirts is another home run, what a great read! Scalzi slots easily in the top three, and is very much “in the zone” for the first chunk of the 21st century.
Rounding out this triumvirate is the winner of my Arthur C. Clarke award, a relative newcomer, Ernest Cline.  He steps up to the plate and blasts one out of the park, with his fantastic book Ready Player One, then followed it up with another hit, Armada.  While it is early in the game, expect more great stories from him.
No doubt there are lots of divergent opinions on this one.  Who are your nominees?
Let us know if the comments!

2 responses to Great SciFi Writers of The 21st Century

  1. Greg K December 23rd, 2015 at 01:40

    This list makes me question my Sci-Fi geekdom. The only author I have even heard of is Neal Stephenson. I recently picked up the audiobook of Seveneves. I am about 80% through it. I say through it because listening to this book is hard work. Seveneves is so verbose I forget where I’m at in the story. As a matter of exercise I looked at the books in my library to see what authors had the best showing. Turns out I have read 25 books by Saxon Andrew. I don’t know if I would ascribe him best writer award but an honorable mention would not be a stretch.

    • Clay December 23rd, 2015 at 03:17

      Seveneves is a bit hard-sci for the first half, that is certainly true. Read Cryptonomicon… it has a LOT more levity. You need to make two more recommendations head back to your library and see what you come up with.

      Liberty & Regard,

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